Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Short Break

Hi lovely readers,

I've decided to take a short break from writing this blog.  I've really enjoyed writing it, but I've had a few explosions of stress in my life lately - some good stress, some not-so-good.  

The good is that I started a little business on Etsy making stencil portraits and I am receiving heaps of orders!  It's amazing - because I haven't been able to do any paid work in about 10 years. But it's also stressful because I have just a small amount of energy a day and I really have to structure and limit my work so that I can keep doing it.

My stencils got a feature on Cool Mom Picks the other day - which is kind-of the mecca of advertising for hip children's products.  Wow! 

The bad stress - well, I won't go into that, but I'm having some family issues which will hopefully be sorted out over the next few months.

So, to be kind to myself, I've decided to cut back commitments where I can.  So, I'm thinking I'll take a few months break from writing this blog. 

Take care, and thanks for all your comments and kind words over the past six months.  This blog has been a lifeline for me on some of my hardest days. Here's wishing the best of health to all of us :)



  1. Emma,

    Best of luck with the new job. I hope to see you around the blogosphere again sometime in the future.


  2. Congrats on the stencils. Told you, you were fabulous. I hope you are believing it now :)

    Sorry to hear about the stressors but glad you are prioritising you.

    Take care of yourself, breathe, run barefoot through the grass, and smell loads of roses.

    Your blog has been fabulous and I do hope if things are in alignment for you in your life you'd consider it again.


    PS if ever you need tequila I'm only an hour away :)

  3. Thanks so much Michelle and Nathan.

    I didn't ever get the tequila but I found some brandy in the cupboard and I've been breaking into it earlier and earlier each day! (Stencil stress!!!)

    YOu take care too Michelle - and I'll definitely be back.

  4. Take care Emma, Way to go with your Stencils, I'm sorry to hear about the added stress in your life;I wish you well and hope to see you back blogging when you feel able.

    With Metta

  5. Hiya Emma

    I've only just discovered your blog, green words recommended it to me. I'm looking forward to reading the back issues - if you know what I mean - whilst you are dealing with those stress explosions. May I wish you all the very best with them.

    Love Ros x


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