Monday, May 17, 2010

When life hands you lemons...

I just saw this quote on a website and it cracked me up laughing.  So, I thought I'd share it - 

When life hands you lemons, get some tequila, lime and salt and call me. 

It is two o'clock in the afternoon here and all I'm thinking about is, how I can get my hands on some tequila?  The nearest bottle shop is a ten minute drive...can I make it?!

Chihuahua Tequila Art Print, by R Rubenacker.


  1. ps No...I couldn't. I am settling for ice-cream instead. :(

  2. Do I need to post you tequila????

  3. LOL...YES! Express courier to Ballarat please.

  4. ...or add some rum and coke and make a Cuba Libre....:-)

  5. I've just been watching Dexter DVD's and they seem to drink a lot of Cuba Libre's in Miami. I didn't know what was in them...sounds yummy!

  6. It's my absolute summer drink!


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