Monday, July 26, 2010

At home meditation retreat

I just love the creative folks over at Living Compassion.  They are wonderful at thinking up ways that people can participate in meditation, even if they can't get the their Zen Monstery Peace Centre (in California). 

I've just received an e-mail saying they are going to be running a one day, at-home,  meditation reatreat on Saturday, August 7. This would probably only suit people in US-friendly time-zones (not Australia - boo hoo!) 

Here are the details:

Workshop Description: Are you ready and willing for a day of supported practice at home and the chance to do some of those tasks that you never seem to have time for? It doesn’t get any better!

Retreatants will join with the monks first thing in the morning via conference call for a half-hour sitting meditation and an orientation to working meditation as it is done at the Zen Monastery Peace Center. 
When the work period begins, retreatants will work on their own, doing a project of their choice in their home. Could be washing windows, shampooing carpets, bathing pets, painting a room, getting current on all your correspondence, writing the short story you’ve been putting off, starting seeds in the greenhouse, baking for the holidays….whatever suggests itself.

We’ll check in at mid-day to see how it’s going and to prepare for the afternoon work period. Telephone guidance sessions with monks will be scheduled throughout the day. The day will end with a conference call group discussion.

Give yourself this gift of support for compassion and awareness!

Registration Pledge: $60.00 (Includes guidance with a monk); $40 for Monthly Donors (please use the special link below)
Wednesday, August 4 is the last day to register.

A photo I took in Chiang Mai - Thailand.  Beautiful, knobbly limes.

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