Friday, October 30, 2009


Hi! Welcome to The Chronic Meditator.  Here are some links to different posts you might be interested in. 

I've had a chronic illness for 12 years and have had a rocky old journey along the spiritual path. For the past 2 years I've been devoting most of my energy to meditation, but, because I'm usually either bed-bound or house-bound I've been unable to get out to go on classes or courses. I've been pursuing the path of meditation alone and thought I could do with some company; hence this blog!

My hope is that you find this a welcoming space to share your thoughts and experiences. There is no right and wrong here - just an exploration of our own individual journeys along a road towards the edge of the unknown. It is my experience that I feel my way along this pathway, moving step by step, sometimes falling, often stumbling but moving slowly (very slowly!) towards a greater sense of peace and wholeness.

I'm going to try to blog on a particular topic each week - giving some meditation ideas along with writing about my experiences and thoughts. The idea behind this blog is not to hide behind some idea of being a 'perfect spiritual being' who doesn't mind being sick and is totally at peace with life, but to talk about the good days and the bad ones; both the times where I feel some sense of equanimity and the times when I fantasize about slapping every doctor I've ever met.

So - read on...and please give your comments and feedback. I love to get them, and they also give me ideas about which posts people most relate to.

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