Friday, February 4, 2011

Developing the Mentor Pt 2

Last week I wrote about a little project I was doing with a friend of mine.  She has been doing an e-mail course with Cheri Huber and one of her assignments was to teach someone else the techniques she's been learning in the course. 

My first task, which I wrote about last week, was to record myself talking about all the positive things I was doing to help my life improve, or be a bit happier.  I've been listening to this recording every day and have found that it really helps to externalise the positive, mentoring voice in my head. 

This week's task was to spend some time just thinking about who this mentor might be.  When I think 'mentor', does an image of a person come to mind?  Or many people?  When the mentor speaks, what does their voice sound like?  If the mentor isn't a person - what is it? Perhaps there's a particular feeling, or color, or sound associated with it.
All interesting stuff to muse on. 
I've been interested in Cheri Huber's work for a year or so now, so I've thought before about the qualities and persona of my mentor.  My mentor changes a bit. Often it's an older woman (modelled on some older Catholic nuns I met during my time doing volunteer work with refugees - truly inspirational women).  My other mentor 'voice' is a man of about my own age who speaks with a slow Texan drawl.
The Texan drawl bit was odd at first, but  I worked out that I liked the idea of the mentors voice speaking to me really slowly and calmly, and when I tried to imagine that the Texan drawl is what I heard!  (A bit like Owen or Luke Wilson's accents).
So, my mentor is kind, accepting, speaks slow Texan, and is either Luke Wilson or a nun.  Hmmm...kinda weird, but it works for me!
A pictorial depiction of the inside of my head. Confusing!?

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