Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our tacky Christmas tree

Merry Christmas all!  

I have been waiting a week to post this, because my internet connection is bonkers and I haven't been able to up-load photos. 
My cousin Rob and his wife Mairead are visiting us from Ireland for Christmas.  They are wonderful cooks and the house is full of yummy, yummy food. Today they made olive tapenade, hummous, and babba ganoush and I am in dip heaven!
 Last week Mairead had the idea of making a Christmas tree using a branch from a gum tree. We grabbed some of my spray-paints and painted the leaves red (yes, they match Mairead's hair!)

Then we we painted the trunk bright green and went into town to buy some tacky lights which we wrapped around the stem and put into the leaves. Here's what it look like up:

It is completely tacky and ridiculous and we LOVE IT! (The rest of the family don't seem so keen but the whole thing cost $10 so we don't care). 

Merry Christmas to all.


  1. I love your tree! Red leaves are never tacky, even if they got that way through spray paint. Thanks for the Christmas cheer. (It's still Christmas here in California.)

  2. Haha that is the most cutest and creative christmas tree! Love it! When I was little I made one out of a plastic microphone stand and cut out leave shapes from paper and stuck them to the stand haha! So I think your tree looks great! I reckon handmade ones make christmas extra special. Merry Christmas! Hope you had a joyful and blessed day! :)

  3. Really great pics, Emma! And mmmm, hummus, yum yum!


  4. Thanks all! That microphone Christmas tree sounds uber-creative. Yes, I think the handmade tree brough a lot of cheer into the room, it was just so ridiculout (and looked like it was going to topple over).

    My cousin's have now left for some travelling around Australia but hopefully they'll be back here for a visit before flying back to snowy Ireland (they were very pleased to be her for Chrismtas and not back in Sligo shovelling snow!)


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