Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Giveaway! 'How to be Sick' by Toni Bernhard

I've got an extra copy of Toni Bernhard's new book 'How to Be Sick - a Buddhist-inspired guide for the chronically ill and their caregivers', to giveaway to one of this blog's lovely readers.

I wrote a review of the book yesterday, and there's more information about it on Toni's website.  It's a beautiful book - wise, warm, and full of encouragement and hope.

I'll send the book anywhere in the world.  So, if you'd like a copy please click here to e-mail me your name and address.  (The e-mail will be private; no-one else will see your details). 

The first person to e-mail gets the book.  And please, don't be shy - if you'd like the book, just e-mail! 

Update: 18 September.  The book has gone to Canada!  Thanks all! 


  1. It's a fabulous book!! I reviewed it, too. Very nice give-away!


  2. I read your review Sue and really enjoyed it. :)

    I see on your profile page that The Poisonwood Bible is one of your favorite books, it is one of mine too. I listened to it on audio and it was brilliant. The DR Congo is the most amazing place, what a history!

  3. Hi Sue and Emma. I didn't realize you knew each other! Emma -- Sue is one of the first people I met in the blogosphere. I've been following her CFS blog for years. She is a fund of good information on CFS and on Lyme Disease and always lifts the rest of us up when we need it.


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