Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthday Book Give-Away!

Hello lovely readers!

It's my birthday in March and as I was lazing around in bed yesterday I started thinking of what I wanted (a slow cooker and a voucher for my local art store - if any of my family members are reading).

Then...I thought of what I'd like to give, instead of get.  Having this blog, and the lovely, genuine comments I've received from its readers over the past 6 months has been a great source of connection and solace for me. So I'd like to give a bit back. I decided I'd buy a copy of the two books that I think have been most helpful to me over the past few years, and give them away.

Both books have fairly cheesy titles, but I've found them packed with great information and wise teachings.  They're both written by Buddhists, but they are firmly based on practical teachings which I think would be relevent to people from any spiritual background (or no spiritual background at all!) 

They are:

There Is Nothing Wrong With You  by Cheri Huber
Radical Self-Acceptance by Tara Brach

If you click on each book title it'll take you to the Amazon page, so you can read some reviews and even have a look inside the book to see if you think you'd like it. I'm going to order the books  from my favorite bookstore, The Book Depository - a UK store which offers free world-wide delivery, so I can get the book sent directly from the UK to you.

If you want one of the books...
Send me an e-mail  :  emmacorcoran AT aussiebroadband DOT com DOT au
or, post a comment below.  

I'll post a comment to let you know when they're gone.

If you get one and would like to write a little review of it for this blog, you are very welcome (although, of course, not obligated!)

So, Happy Birthday, from me to you.

Check out the photo of my little lap-top buddy. I blu-taced him to my lappy and he looks so cute.  I love Ernie!


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